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Dragon Tiger 777






How to Play Dragon Tiger 777


Dragon Tiger is played using multiple copies of the standard Anglo-American 52-card deck. The number of decks may vary, depending on the casino. Cards are ranked with Aces low, such that the order is Ace-King.


The base game of Dragon Tiger is very basic. Simply wager which hand will be higher, Dragon or Tiger. The myriad of bonuses available, however, complicates the game somewhat.


A large number of Players could potentially participate in the same game simultaneously. Similar to online Baccarat, the nature of the game allows a technically infinite number of people to place wagers.

As land-based games of Dragon Tiger are rare, assume that you will be participating with a large number of people.


The decks are combined and shuffled into one large shoe. Before cards are dealt, players take their position by placing a wager on “Dragon” or “Tiger.”


Two cards are dealt, one to the Dragon, and one to the Tiger. The Dragon and Tiger are simply two imaginary “Players” who receive the card from the Dealer.

The side dealt the higher ranking card will “win”.

Players that bet on the winner, either Dragon or Tiger, will receive a 1:1 payout.

For example, you decide to wager $10 on Tiger. The Dealer deals out the cards, a 9♦ to Dragon, and a K♣ to Tiger. You would win $20, as Tiger has the higher-ranking hand.

Tie Bet

The majority of Guessing Games offer a bet for a tie, and Dragon Tiger is no exception. In the event of a tie, all Players will lose half of their wager except for Players who bet on Tie.

Players who successfully predict a tie will be rewarded with an 8:1 payout.


Suit does not matter for the purposes of comparing a card’s rank. However, some of the bonuses available do consider Suit. These side bonuses will be further explained in the relevant section below.

Practice: play Dragon Tiger for free here at Cool Old Games.